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The Massachusetts Migrant Education Program supports migrant children and youth in their efforts to meet high academic standards through supplemental services that address barriers created by a migrant lifestyle such as frequent moves, educational interruption, cultural and language differences, and health-related problems.

We do this by supporting the children, youth and their families in:

  • Identifying and recruiting migrant students residing throughout Massachusetts
  • Providing high quality supplemental and support services to students, ages 3-22
  • Working with parents to build their advocacy and leadership skills through workshops and active Parent Advisory Councils
  • Establishing and fostering relationships with schools, community agencies, organizations and businesses to coordinate services for migrant students.

Services Included (H2)

  • Academic summer programs for preschool through 12th grades
  • Assistance in preschool enrollment and family literacy programming
  • Afterschool Tutoring for K-12
  • Family/Student Advocacy (Parent-Teacher conferences, IEP processes, McKinney/Vento)
  • English, Life Skills and Pre-HiSET classes for Out of School Youth
  • Career and Graduation Exploration for High School and Out of School Youth
  • Referrals to Community Based Organizations and School Based Programming through distributing program information and assisting in enrollment

Collaboration (H3)

Through cooperative planning and information sharing, MMEP coordinates its activities with school districts, local education agencies, community organizations, employers and state government agencies to ensure the most effective and efficient delivery of education and support services to migrant children, youth and their families.

Contact us for more information about our programs and services or to discuss ways that our program can promote and distribute information on services for migrant students.

Emily Hoffman, State Program Director

[email protected], 339.222.5607

For children and youth residing in Suffolk, Middlesex, Bristol, Worcester, Essex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Barnstable, Dukes and Nantucket counties:TJ Sparling, Eastern Regional Director

[email protected], 978.657.833



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Eligibility (H2)

Children and youth are eligible for services if they or their parents/guardians are migratory agricultural workers, migratory fisherman, or work in agricultural and fish processing plants and they have moved school districts in the preceding 36 months to obtain temporary or seasonal employment.

Some of the qualifying work in Massachusetts includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Packing, cutting and preparing fruits and vegetables for sale
  2. Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Fruits, Vegetables and Tobacco
  3. Cleaning, Cutting and Deboning/Shelling Fish and Meat
  4. Nursery (Tree/Plant/Flower)
  5. Egg and Milk Production
  6. Raising and Tending to poultry, cows, pigs and other livestock

To assist in efforts to identify eligible children and youth please contact:

Erick Gonzalez, State Identification and Recruitment Director
[email protected], 339.222.5603.

The MMEP is federally funded as part this is a link of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and is regulated by Title I, Part C through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.