Tall Vessel Detection System (TVDS)

Tall Vessel Detection System

The Tall Vessel Detection System (TVDS) is comprised of a conventional marine radar for ship tracking and a narrow beam W-band radar to measure ship height.   The height of ships exceeding fixed thresholds are displayed in the control tower on a color-coded display. Audible alarms alert air traffic control personnel of ships that exceed allowable limits for safe aircraft landing.



TVDS Features

• 25 kW X-band marine radar for ship tracking

• Solid-state W-band radar with 1 m range resolution and 0.18 deg. beamwidth for ship height estimation

• Live display of ship location and height in ATC tower

• Web-based interface for system monitoring

Control Tower Display

Custom display in control tower showing runway 27 protection zone

VirtualBox_TVDS Display_01_07_2016_14_09_53_runway_27