Trihedral Corner Reflectors

ProSensing trihedral corner reflectors are machined with high precision to provide accurate known (calculated) Radar Cross Section (RCS) targets. Applications are a variety of radar testing and characterization.

Due to their geometry, these passive devices offer the highest possible RCS of any object per unit volume. Thus, with suitable alignment, the effect of clutter on measurements such as that caused by vehicles, terrain, and structures is negligible. These reflectors have a wide-looking angle providing tolerance to minor misalignments.

Select from a variety of available sizes to attain the desired RCS for the frequency of your application.

These reflectors have mounting brackets and are easily mounted to a tripod or to a custom carbon fiber or fiberglass pole.

TCR Features
  • Precise Radar Cross Section (RCS)
  • Custom sizes from 2cm to 1m
  • Secure mounting bracket
  • Rugged Construction
TCR Applications
  • RCS reference
  • Radar characterization
  • Range finding