High Speed Data Acquisition

ProSensing has developed a family of high speed data acquisition systems suitable for high range resolution radar applications. These data systems employ COTS digital receivers installed in ruggedized PCs combined with custom C++ code running under Linux.


  • 4 channel, 16-bit digital receivers operating at 120 MS/s supporting video bandwidth up to 48 MHz
  • 2 channel, 12-bit digital receivers operating at 400 MS/s supporting video bandwidth up to 160 MHz
  • Ruggedized rack-mount PCs with dual six-core processors


  • Weather radar processing algorithms for
    • Doppler spectra
    • single and dual PRI pulse pair
    • polarimetric products including LDR, ZDR, correlation coefficient and differential phase
  • Custom processing algorithms for target tracking in the range/Doppler domain
  • Raw I/Q storage to solid-state hard drive at rates exceeding 100 MB/s