Mobile Rapid Scanning X-Band Polarimetric Weather Radar (RAXPOL)

Developed for the University of Oklahoma with funding from the National Science Foundation, RaXPol generates rapidly updated images of tornadic storms. Using a high performance 2.4 m diameter dual-polarization antenna, and equal-power V/H polarization on transmit, RaXPol can generate full-storm volume images of reflectivity, Zdr, Kdp, and HV correlation coefficient in less than 30 seconds.

RaXPol Features

• Heavy duty pedestal with 180 deg. per second scan rate

• 20 kW, 1% duty cycle Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier

• 1 degree beamwidth 2.4 m diameter low sidelobe dual polarization antenna

• PC-based 16-bit 2 channel digital receiver

• Frequency-agile transmitter allowing rapid estimation of radar parameters

RAXPOL Publications

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