Compact Solid-State Ka-band Radar (ROR)

The compact solid-state Ka-band radar was developed for short range target tracking (less than 20 km). Termed the “Range only Radar” (ROR) in its initial range-tracking configuration, this instrument employs fully-digital pulse compression with compression ratios up to 100:1 and 5m range resolution.

This radar is also suitable for remote sensing of precipitation.

ROR Features
  • Weather-tight air-cooled enclosure
  • 10W solid-state transmitter (higher power available upon request)
  • High performance data acquisition system
    • 16-bit, 120 MS/s digital receiver
    • Full Doppler spectrum processing of 4096 range gates at 10 kHz PRF
    • Digital pulse compression with low range sidelobes (<60 dBc)


ROR Specifications
  • Frequency: 35 GHz
  • Solid-state Power Amplifier: 10 W peak-power 6.25% duty cycle
  • Maximum PRF: 12.5 kHz
  • Range: .2-20 km
  • Range resolution: 5 m
  • Antenna
    • 18″ Cassegrain 1.3 degree beamwidth
    • optional 12″ Gaussian Optics Lens Antenna (GOLA) with 1.8 degree beamwidth
  • Receiver LNA noise figure: 2.8 dB