Ka-Band Probe Radar (KPR)

KPR is a compact Ka-band Probe Radar and Radiometer for measuring vertical profiles of reflectivity and Doppler velocity. Key features of the instrument are: a pair of flat-plate array antennas pointing in the zenith and nadir directions, 10 W peak power solid state transmitter amplifier and a low-loss switch network. KPR includes an integrated noise…

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Polarimetric Scatterometers

FMCW Polarimetric Scatterometers This series of FMCW scatterometers, operating from 1 GHz to 40 GHz, is designed for near range measurement of the polarimetric response of natural surfaces, such as sea ice,  snow, or terrain.  Scatterometers measure normalized radar cross section (NRCS) and the target Mueller Matrix (alternately the covariance matrix) as a function of…

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Ka-Band Zenith Radar (KAZR)

KAZR is an upward-looking cloud radar operating at 34.8 GHz. KAZR has a four channel receiver, providing simultaneous reception of short pulse and chirp waveforms on co-polarized and cross polarized channels. The KAZR antenna is mounted on top of the shelter with a short waveguide connection between the antenna and RF unit. The shelter is…

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