TC Earl


Storm ID: AL062022

WSRA Level-4 Data


*PRELIMINARY DATA. The Significant Wave Height is reported in feet and color coded arrows. The Dominant Wave Direction is reported as the direction of the arrow. File format is kmz (Google Earth compatible).  


MissionFlight IDDateWSRA filename*SWH (map)
1606A 20220907H109/07/2022WSRA-L4-20220907H1
1206A 20220906H109/06/2022WSRA-L4-20220906H1
0906A 20220905H109/05/2022WSRA-L4-20220905H1
0706A 20220904H109/04/2022WSRA-L4-20220904H1
0506A 20220903H109/03/2022WSRA-L4-20220903H1