TC Sam


Storm ID: AL182021

WSRA Level-4 Data

*Recent review of the surface elevations (Level-2 data) measured by WSRA revealed that the WSRA directional wave spectrum data are contaminated due to an intermittent hardware problem. Specifics of the hardware problem are yet to be determined.

MissionFlight IDDateWSRA filename*SWH (map)Rain Rate (map)SWH (storm relative)MSS (storm relative)
1218A 20220929H2 09/29/2021 WSRA-L4-20210929H2
1018A 20220929H1 09/29/2021 WSRA-L4-20210929H1
0618A 20220927H1 09/27/2021 WSRA-L4-20210927H1
0218A 20220926H1 09/26/2021 WSRA-L4-20210926H1