WSRA Level-4 Data

Instrument: Wide Swatch Radar Altimeter (WSRA)
Manufacturer: ProSensing Inc.
Agency: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Product: WSRA Level-4 data   README 


Experiment: 2023 Hurricane Season

Storm  ID: AL202023 Name: TC Tammy

Storm  ID: AL152023 Name: TC Nigel

Storm  ID: AL132023 Name: TC Lee

Storm  ID: AL102023 Name: TC Idalia

Storm  ID: AL082023 Name: TC Franklin

Experiment: 2022 Hurricane Season

Storm  ID: AL132022 Name: TC Julia

Storm  ID: AL092022     Name: TC Ian

Storm  ID: AL072022 Name: TC Fiona

Storm  ID: AL062022 Name: TC Earl

Experiment: 2021 Hurricane Season

Storm  ID: AL092021 Name: TC Ida

Storm  ID: AL182021 Name: TC Sam

Experiment: 2020 Hurricane Season

Storm  ID: AL262020 Name: TC Delta

Storm  ID: AL202020 Name: TC Teddy

Storm  ID: AL192020 Name: TC Sally

Storm  ID: AL032020 Name: TC Cristobal

Experiment: 2020 ATOMIC—Atlantic Tradewind Ocean-Atmosphere Mesoscale Interaction Campaign (conducted early January through mid-February 2020)

Experiment: 2019 Hurricane Season

Storm Name: TC Nestor (flight in the Northeastern part of  Gulf of Mexico)

Storm Name:  TC Lorenzo (flight in the Central North Atlantic Basin)

Experiment: 2018 Hurricane Season

Storm Name:  TC Lane (flight in the Northeast Pacific basin)

Storm Name:  TC Chris (flight in the North Atlantic basin)

Experiment: 2017 Hurricane Season

Storm Name:  TC Maria (flight in the Northeast Pacific basin)

Storm Name:  TC Nate (flight in the North Atlantic basin)

Experiment: 2011 Hurricane Season

Storm ID: AL092021 Name: TC Irene